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Empowering Women. Balancing Hormones. Nurturing Fertility.

Do you often find yourself dealing with questions about your menstrual cycle, energy levels (or lack thereof), mood swings, fertility, or other daily/monthly symptoms? Rest assured, you're not alone on this journey.

Your health & fertility goals, achieved.

FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management) is a comprehensive women's health and wellness program. It's like having a personal guide to help you understand your body and harness the power of your hormones. Our natural and science-backed approach empowers you to track daily hormonal changes, unlocking the key to your optimal reproductive health and fertility goals. Invest in your health, and schedule a free information session today!

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About Me

Sarah Schwaner

Certified FEMM Instructor

Hello, I'm Sarah! I grew up in the beautiful city of Savannah, GA, graduated from the University of Notre Dame, and lived in Atlanta for many years. I moved back to Savannah with my husband and our two young daughters to be close to family. In my free time, I find comfort and creative fulfillment in baking and perfecting recipes for my family to enjoy. I love to relax at the beach. Above all, I cherish every opportunity to spend quality time with my many loved ones.

I was drawn to FEMM through my personal hormonal health journey. FEMM has allowed me to gain a new understanding and appreciation for my body and its intricate design. I've been able to alleviate many of my hormonal symptoms that I had struggled with for years. My husband and I have also been able to achieve our family goals in a healthy and natural way. I'd love to meet you and help you along your reproductive health journey!


The FEMM course consists of three 1-hour sessions that build upon each other and must be taken in order. After Session 1, you'll start begin charting your cycle. Sessions 2 and 3 allow for chart reviews and Q&A. Discover more about each session below!

Introduction to FEMM as a model for women's reproductive health. Participants are provided with the tools they need to monitor and track their hormonal biomarkers and other vital signs of health.

1 hour class


Session 1


Discussion of the range of normal reproductive health functions, changes that occur over time, and potential health concerns. Participants will learn factors that can impact reproductive health.

1 hour class


Session 2


Introduction to the ways cycle charting can be used to understand and manage fertility. Couples will learn how to use a woman's fertile signs to help achieve or avoid pregnancy.

1 hour class


Session 3


Additional 30-minute chart review sessions can be scheduled for $40/session.

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My husband and I loved having Sarah as a FEMM instructor! She took her time to go through all of our questions and made us feel confident in knowing how to use FEMM. Sarah helped us understand things about our hormones and bodies that have made us feel empowered and capable in using FEMM for family planning. Sarah was also extremely present to me during questions I had throughout a miscarriage and now pregnancy. In learning FEMM, I felt as if we gained access to a world of resources to help us navigate our fertility. I would recommend learning FEMM with Sarah to anyone I meet!

-Caroline, FEMM user

“Sarah made the FEMM experience so enjoyable! She is not only super approachable, respectful, and understanding but was always available for any questions or concerns I had. Tracking your cycle can sometimes be intimidating, but Sarah and FEMM have made the process so much easier! I feel like I understand my body and its signals so much better now!

-Annie, FEMM user

I'd love to work with you.

Curious to learn more about FEMM? Are you interested to see if the program is a good fit for you? Let’s chat about it! Email me or click below to schedule your FREE information session.

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